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Growing up in the Gatineau Hills, I was inspired by the artists, architects and designers who lived in my creative community. I was constantly decorating my bedroom and later, redesigning and renovating my apartments and houses. I loved creating drawings, paintings, sculptures: I taught myself how to upholster, build simple furniture and design and sew my own clothing and home accessories.

I hold a BFA in Design, a DEC in applied arts, a DEP in graphic design and postgraduate courses in kitchen and bath design and social psychology. I have had a 25+ year career in graphic design and marketing. 10 years ago I started Design Wakefield, an interior design company and continue to do graphic design as well.

My love of different cultures and history led me to study history of architecture, history of art, design history and paleography. I draw inspiration from nature, history, modern and ancient architecture and art to create designs for the present. 

I recently taught graphic design at the college level, furthering my passion for marketing, design and communication by passing on my knowledge to young creative minds.









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