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If you are planning to renovate, I highly recommend Design Wakefield. Tanya Smith was ASTOUNDING! She truly listened to all of our concerns, wants and needs and provided various ideas and solutions for our renovation projects: kitchen, 3 bathrooms and a family room. She answered all of our design questions while implementing new ideas and lay outs. Thanks to her we felt confident in our choices. She made our house practical for our everyday life without sacrificing style. If anything needed to be problem-solved, she was there each step of the way ensuring the process went smoothly. Tanya truly cares about your happiness with her designs!

Jessie, Chelsea, QC

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Tanya Smith of Design Wakefield. She understood completely what we wanted to achieve and gave us a great design that captured our vision, met all our needs and facilitated our work with both the foundation and finishing contractors for our cottage expansion. 


Highly recommended!

           Bruce, Otter Lake QC



Tanya Smith of Design Wakefield provided me with a very thorough consultation process. She gave me helpful advice, was intuitive to my needs and came up with creative solutions for my kitchen design which made good use of the space available.

Rose, Wakefield QC



We chose Design Wakefield because they offered the initial design followed by construction expertise, but most importantly, they provided the project management of scheduling several trades, material purchases and logistics. Their design and finishing touches created a generous space with warmth and sophistication. Or in the words of our teenagers who are the ones benefiting from our new shower, "Dude, man, it's amazing!"

Christine & Frank, Chelsea QC


So one hour of Tanya Smith's time helped solve inter-marital squabbles about what to do with an office/study. #cheaperthantherapy
Thanks Tanya :)

Ann, Chelsea QC

Tanya's calm demeanor and excellent ideas were welcome when I just couldn't figure out what to do with my 1930's bathroom. This is what professionals are for, to take charge when we can't or don't want to. Tanya Smith's passion for what she does, coupled with her reassuring and patient approach is just what I needed. It was a great experience working with her.

Juliana, Wakefield, QC

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